Our Story

Suzume is a project of UKiYO Republic Ltd, to create a home for both distribution and retail of Japanese Sake, Shochu, Whiskey and other Japanese drinks. A cosy bar and restaurant are planned for the space, where you can enjoy sake alongside curated food pairings drawing influences from around the world.

Ukiyo, 浮世, refers to a floating, transient world and inspired a whole genre of artwork depicting such scenes between the 17th and 19th centuries. Operating since 2017, UKiYO Republic Ltd is a recognised independent importer and UK-certified distributor of Japanese Sake. Over several years, we have been working with a growing number of brewers and breweries across Japan.

 In 2019 UKiYO Republic relocated to Manchester , where we have opened The Spärrows, a Central European restaurant specialising in fresh pasta and dumplings. Here we have showcased how sake can be served alongside cuisines from outside of Japan with great success.

Suzume, 雀, refers to a Tree Sparrow, or a talkative/knowledgable person.


We look forward to welcoming you to our home under the arches very soon.