Katafune Tokubetsu Honjozo 300ml

Takeda Shuzo


Brewery | Takeda Shuzo


Brand | Katafune


Location | Joetsu , Niigata Prefecture, Honshū, Japan


Rice | Koshi Tanrei, Koshi Ibuki

Grading | Tokubetsu Honjozo


RPR | 60%


Alc | 16%


Volume | 300ml


Ingredients | Rice, water, koji, yeast, brewers alcohol.


Tasting notes | Round, mellow, off-dry, clean finish. This represents the epitome of a rich umami-laden honjozo sake crafted by Takeda Shuzoten. Ideal for accompanying dishes like grilled fish or various preparations of shellfish.


Store in cool, dark place. Refrigerate once open.


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