Award-winning Sakes

Kamitaka Daiginjo 35

Elegant aromas of pineapple, apple, tropical fruit and sweet lemon custard. Flavours of sweet melon, pineapple, pear and white peach. Smooth, creamy texture with a soft round finish.

Mansaku No Hana Tokubetsu Junmai Umakara

Superb balance between pleasant acidity and refreshing dryness. Rich umami brought by the Akinosei rice, cultivated by the master brewer himself. It is ideal to accompany daily meals.

Koimari Saki Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishki

A delicate, fruity nose of red cherries and apricot blend with a raspberry acidity mirrored on the very pleasant, creamy textured palate. With hints of umami savouriness, it has a mellow acidity and clean short finish.

Koimari Saki Junmai Daiginjo Monochrome

Tropical fruits and fresh berries aroma. Light and elegant savoury palate with a delicate Omachi rice sweetness. Perfect to accompany white meet, fish and cream based sauces.

Koimari Saki Junmai Daiginjo

Nectarine, melon, apple, lychee on the nose with herbaceous notes and winter melon on the palate. 

Komachi Sakura Futsushu

Subtle aromas of white flowers, white asparagus and young rock melon. A fruity ume-plum suggestive driven palate with a lingering mineral aftertaste. Medium bodied and medium finish with a refined texture. 

Komachi Sakura Betsukakoi Futsushu

Savoury, fruity, cereal nose. Fruity palate with red apple and pear. Rounded, creamy mouth feel. Balanced acidity, crisp, dry, peppery finish. 

Hourai "Brewer's Perfection"

Complex sake with green gram and melon notes. Pear compote and floral. Fresh and balanced palate. Nama-like soft impression, showing candy floss and a touch of banana. Pleasantly gentle apple fruitiness with rice flour and yoghurt aromas. 

Hourai Junmai Daiginjo Iro Otoko

Sweet, soft undertones prove irresistable. Colourless, ripe, exotic, tropical fruit with paissionfruit, melon, bana, light but attractive earthiness in the background. Light lanolin lends smoothness to the flow across the palete. Elegant and well balanced with finesse. Enjoy at room temperature or slightly chilled alongside herb salads, scallop, white fish, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, crabs or fruit.