Hourai Shinpaku 18

Watanabe Shuzo


Brewery | Watanabe Shuzoten


Brand | Hourai

Location | Hita, Oita Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan

Rice | Yamadanishki

Grade | Junmai Daiginjo

RPR | 18%


Alc | 16%

Volume | 720ml

Ingredients | Rice, koji, yeast, water.

Tasting notes | "Shinpaku 18" stands as a testament to the artistry of the Hourai brand. Aromas of fresh white peaches and crisp apples, with no hint of bitterness.The texture is silk smooth, complimented by delicate sweetness and a lingering finish. Special quality Yamada Nishiki harvested in the Miki area of ​​Hyogo Prefecture is polished to an advanced 18% level by carving only the white centre of the grain into a crystal sphere. Available with presentation box.


Store in cool, dark place. Refrigerate once open.


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