Hourai Brewer's Perfection Futsu - Tenju No Nyukonshu

Watanabe Shuzo


Brewery | Watanabe Shuzoten

Brand | Hourai

Location | Furukawa, Hida, Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Rice | Hidahomare

Grading | Futsushu

RPR | 63%


Alc | 15%

Vol | 720ml

Ingredients | Rice, water, koji, yeast, brewer's alcohol. 

Tasting notes | Complex sake with green gram and melon notes. Pear compote and floral. Fresh and balanced palate. Nama-like soft impression, showing candy floss and a touch of banana. Pleasantly gentle apple fruitiness with rice flour and yoghurt aromas. 


Store in cool, dark place. Refrigerate once open.


Awards | IWC 2018 Gold Medal, IWC 2019 Silver, IWC 2020 Commended, IWC 2021 Bronze, IWC 2022 Commended


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